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CEO Greeting

Technology for Human

We at DONG IL TECHNOLOGY(DIT) believe that the technology exists for the benefit of the mankind.

We have cooperated with our customers using all of our technical capabilities to find a solution suitable for them. We believe that the strong and trustful relationship with our customers has become the greatest asset of DIT and will serve as the foundation for the future prosperity.

Since 1986 DIT has been expanding its product line-up and market reach, investing heavily in R&D and modernizing production facilities in line with on-going technological evolution. These efforts shall continue unabated.

We will continuously try to make this society prosperous with our customers, employees, communities, or even competitors.

CEO Dong-Jun, Sohn

Corporate Philosophy

Our philosophy is “A company exists for 'people' and should ‘remain forever’ as a 'good workplace‘”.

Here, people means stakeholders related to the company, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, governments, and local communities. Our management goal is to satisfy all of these people not parts of them.

To remain 'forever', we maintain a flexible organizational mindset and a solid financial structure to quickly accept and adapt to change.

A good workplace means that our employees are safe, provided opportunities for self-realization, and compensated for their contribution.

Business Area

DIT EMC solution provides a wide lineup of EMC components applicable to various electronic products/equipment. Our solution offers reasonable price, timely delivery and high quality service based on 30 years of technology and manufacturing competitiveness.
DIT Environmental Solution provides various products to monitor and improve air quality. Check out our products optimized for home/public facilities/construction/manufacturing sites and so on.
DIT Industrial Solution helps improving yield management and productivity at manufacturing sites.
Experience ESD solution for solving ESD problems, vision inspection solution for faulty test and so on.
Piezo Ceramic
DIT Piezo ceramic Solution provides piezo ceramic materials and parts for final products of end-users in various industries with its own piezo ceramic technology.


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