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Industrial Solution Industrial Solution

Business Description

DIT Industrial Solution helps improving yield management and productivity at manufacturing sites. Experience ESD solution for solving ESD problems, vision inspection solution for faulty test and so on.

- Product Inquiry(ESD/Ultrasonic sensor): / +82-031-299-5458
- Product Inquiry(Vision): / +82-031-426-0205


Product List

Ion Bar

Series 이름순 Type Newest Method Newest Size(Length) Newest Air Supply Newest Distance Newest Newest
All-In-One Pulsed AC 448~3028mm CDA/N2(<0.2MPa) 10~300mm
Laminar Flow Pulsed AC 400~1500mm N/A(EFU/FFU) 200~600mm
Laminar Flow Pulsed AC 250~1500mm N/A(EFU/FFU) 200~1500mm
Controller&HVPS Separated Pulsed AC 150~3000mm CDA/N2(<0.5MPa) 200~2000mm
Controller Separated High-Frequency AC 150~3000mm CDA/N2(<0.5MPa) 100~1000mm
Controller Separated Pulsed AC 300~3000mm CDA/N2(<0.5MPa) 200~2000mm
All-In-One High-Frequency AC 250/300mm CDA/N2(<0.5MPa) 100~1000mm
All-In-One High-Frequency AC 350~3000mm CDA/N2(<0.5MPa) 100~1000mm
All-In-One Pulsed AC 500~3000mm CDA/N2(<0.5MPa) 200~2000mm
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