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Piezo Ceramic Solution Piezo Ceramic Solution

Business Description

DIT Piezo ceramic Solution provides piezo ceramic materials and parts for final products of end-users in various industries with its own piezo ceramic technology.

-Product Inquiry: / +82-031-299-5455
-Technical Inquiry: / +82-031-299-5491


Product List

Piezo Ceramic Materials

Series 이름순 Relative Dielectric Constant(ε33T/ ε0) Newest Dielectric Loss Factor at low field & 1kHz(tan δ) Newest Electromechanical Coupling Coefficient(kp, Radial) Newest Piezoelectric Constants d33(10-12m/V) Newest Piezoelectric Constants g33(10-3Vm/N) Newest Frequency Constant Np, Radial(Hz-m) Newest
570~3250 0.002~0.2 0.56~0.68 210~660 23~42 1970~2310
720~2250 0.002~0.020 0.20~0.68 140~530 14~42 1920~3290
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